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Campus Harvest

There’s a subtle, crippling state-of-being that Christ-followers must wrestle with and overcome. The Bible calls it “double-mindedness.” Do you live out what you believe? Do your feelings fall in line with the facts? Does the knowledge of God fill your mind with truth, your words with conviction, your heart with joy and your actions with power? This is the promise of God for you: a life of focus and fruitfulness, of passion, of confidence and conviction.

Why do we care about the campus?

We believe God is calling us to rally this generation—across every line imaginable—around the hope and invitation of Jesus. We believe that Jesus changes everything and that only good will come when people seek Him.

Our team exists to help bring about a spiritual awakening among college students that will transform the nations and reform society for the glory of God… by identifying, serving and helping to develop campus leaders throughout the Body of Christ…thereby helping the Church to reap hundreds of thousands of students from campuses all around the nation and launch lifelong disciples into their calling.

Christianity is not dead in America, but it is under attack. There is an anti-Faith movement and they are well organized and well-funded and making progress. By trying to remove God from America, they are trying to convince Americans they can prosper in a free-thinking culture void of biblical values. Young adults are the first to be influenced by this targeted message.

This is not a student movement or a denomination. Our preference has always been to serve, inspire and equip others that they may become effective in reaching and teaching students for Christ. The team we have put together have each been successful at planting churches, developing student leaders in all walks of life and sending missionaries into multiple nations for the effective spreading of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our History and Track Record

  • 15,000 students trained (“ignited”) at conferences to a ministry careers
  • Over 150,000 Students impacted for Jesus
  • Sent hundreds of students to 6 continents on mission trips
  • Thousands of student leaders trained